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Special Education

It is the philosophy of District 427 that every student should receive their education in the least restrictive environment . Most students with Individual Education Plans (IEP's) are enrolled in regular education classes but may have assistance through collaborative classes. These collaborative classes follow the regular education curriculum but have both a regular education teacher and a Special Education Teacherco-teaching the class. The Special Education Teachermakes adaptations for students with IEP's according to their educational plan.

For those students who would have difficulty with content in the collaborative classes the Special Education Department offers an Instructional English and an Instructional Math class. The aim of these classes is to teach students English and Math for daily living, while incorporating as much of the regular education curriculum as possible.

For those students with behavioral / emotional problems, a self-contained educational environment at the high school is provided to better meet the needs of the students. Many of these students are able to take some of their classes in the regular educational setting.

  • Doug Chamberlain
    Special Education Teacher

  • Brian Davis
    Special Education Teacher

  • Ricky Davis
    Special Education Teacher

  • Rachel Harder
    ABLE Program

  • Mark Holstein
    Special Education Teacher

  • Sarah Hudson
    Special Education Teacher

  • Doug Kelly 
    Department Chair

  • Ellen O'Donnell
    Special Education Teacher

  • Kristina Oland
    Special Education Teacher & ABLE Teacher

  • Sue Purdom
    Special Education Teacher

  • Sam Solar
    Special Education Teacher

  • Nora Ursini
    Special Education Teacher

  • Sarah Ward
    Special Education Coordinator