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Although we are not quite finished with the 2014-15 school year here are some important dates to add to your calendar for the 2015-16 school year:

Express Registration – Wednesday, August 5
Walk-In Registration – Thursday, August 6
Freshman Orientation – Tuesday, August 11  

3rd Quarter Spartan Pride

3rd Quarter Spartan Pride Breakfast

Literary Fest 

Sycamore High School performed very well at this year's NIB 12 Literary Festival.  We won the festival with 43 total awards (second place had 27), including five of the nine Critic's Choice Awards, and eight first place awards.  Our success clearly wouldn't be possible without all of our wonderful teachers here at the high school.  So, thank you!

 Please take time to congratulate the following students when you see them:

 Critic's Choice Winners:

 Morih Stice
Annie Malecki
Julia Simmons
Ryann Schopfer
Spencer Siebeck

First Place Winners:

 Seth Kates
Heba Mohamednor
Umar Siddiqui
Lindsay Cooper
Andrew McComb
Miranda Perri
Sarah Geohega
Ryann Schopfer

 Second Place Winners:

 Kat Salis
Lauren Wisdom
Lizzie Fisher
Jess Morreale
Roxanne Torian
Dominic Zibrun

Third Place Winners:

 Katrina Johns
Sarah Klumpp
Nicole Stolarski
Taylor Aasen
Kiyas Kousoulas
Juliet Mathey
Sophia Andandalousi
Ryann Schopfer
Spencer Siebeck
Keegan Callahan
Alexis Kolberg
Rachel Reifsteck

 Honorable Mention Winners:

 Keegan Callahan
Lindsay Cooper
Emilee Jackson
Brandi Miller
Alex Tritt
Natilee Morey
Sarah Klumpp
Delany Henson
Jacob Bjork
Lauren Leifheit
Moriah Stice
Jenna McMahon


Collins Dental Art Show

Sycamore took best in show and staff favorite along with many other ribbons.


Collins Dental Art Show  

Bianca Garcia took Best of Show and 1st Place for the color drawing category.

She is one of our first AP Students at SHS.



Anna Gosciejew received the Staff Favorite ribbon.  She will be an AP student next year.

She also has about three people wanting to purchase the painting that received that award.


Illinois State Scholars

Sycamore High School is proud to announce that forty-five Senior’s have been named Illinois State Scholars. The forty-five students represent the highest number of Illinois State scholars among the Northern Big Twelve schools. Illinois State Scholars are selected using a formula based on ACT/SAT score, GPA and class rank. More information about the selection process can be found at

The Illinois State Scholars from Sycamore are:


Baehni, Hailey
Benson, Sophie
Bjork, Paige
Boynton, Josephine
Brons, Michael
Burns, Luke
Carlson, Jenee
Cedillo, Bryce
Dusek, Cora
Dwyer, Kevin
Erickson, Raelyn
Findley, Falon
Garcia, Edgar
Godinsky, Cameron
Goetz, Carissa
Johnson, Isabella
Johnson, Matthew
Kates, Seth
Kron, Bryanna
Loitz, Kevin
Longua, James
Maillefer, Alyssa
Majerus, Jackson
McComb, Andrew
Millburg, Adam
Moulton, Drew
Nelson, Dylan
Nienaber, Mason
Pawola, Madeline
Pisarski, Jake
Reifsteck, Rachel
Ruetten, Jason
Russell, Madisyn
Schlosser, Kye
Schmidt, Austin
Schreiber, Mavrick
Shultz, Jordyn
Singleterry, Kasey
Smith, Cameron
Stice, Moriah
Swedberg, Jeremy
Tritt, Alexandria
Versluys, Zachary
Watkins, Tanner
Witherell-Poe, Regina


Best of Day

Best of Day
This is a picture of the students who received "Best of Day" awards at the IHSA Solo & Ensemble contest at Harvard High School on Saturday, March 7.

 NI Big 12 Art Contest

NI Big 12 Contest

Here is a picture of the students that attended.

Left to Right

Deonte Wilson, Bianca Garcia, Keegan Callahan (back), Sydney Goodman (front), Bethany Adamski, Molly O'Neil, Hannah Cerny (front), Anna Gosciejew, Oona Holtane (not pictured Rachel Reifsteck/attending IMEA Solo and Ensemble).

 Illinois Principal Association Kishwaukee Region
Assistant Principal of the Year
Mr. Steve Balster

Mr. Balster


SHS Distinguished Alumni
The purpose of the Sycamore High School Distinguished Alumni award is to recognize outstanding alumni of Sycamore High School who would have maintained a high standard of excellence and made a significant contribution in their fields of endeavor. This award is a tribute to our graduates who have shown exceptional personal, community, and/or professional achievements. We want to honor our outstanding alumni and believe the success of these graduates will serve as an inspiration to our current and future Sycamore High School students.  Congratulations to the following recipients:
2014 Inductees:     
 Pete Johnson  John Holtz Marilyn Stromborg  
Pete Johnson  John Holtz  Marilyn Stromborg

 2013 Inductees:
 Yvonne Johnson  Gary Seegers  David Juday
 Yvonne Johnson Gary Seegers
 David Juday