Human Resources


Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities in Sycamore Community School District #427.

We offer four categories of employment.  Once you have decided what type of employment you are looking for, please complete our online application.

Substitute Positions

Positions that provide temporary support to teachers, support staff, and students.  Substitute employees are sought in the categories of teachers and instructional assistants who fill in for employees who are absent from work.  Homebound tutors are also in this category, and they provide instructional support for students who cannot attend school for medical reasons.  Sycamore Community School District #427 is always looking for substitute teachers — these applications are processed through the DeKalb Country Regional Office of Education.


Support Staff Positions 

Coaching positions, transportation, clerical staff, paraeducators, lunchroom supervisors, and technology assistants are just some of the positions that would be a part of this category.


Licensed Positions

Licensed positions require Illinois State Board of Education licensure.  These positions include classroom teacher, guidance counselor, social worker, psychologist, and many others.


Administrative Positions

Administrative positions require a Type 75 Administrative License, and can include district office administrators, building principals, assistant principals, and deans.

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