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  • Thank you to the WSO for providing each student with a WOW take home folder for the 2014-2015 school year! 

    Welcome Back! We are very excited to begin the 2014-2015 school year!  Our staff has been working very hard to get ready for the upcoming school year.  The building is all clean and ready to go.  All we need now are the children who will be attending West Elementary School.    

    For students in grades 1-5, the first day of student attendance, August 20th, will be a full day. We will meet on the on North Playground at 8:25AM to begin our “First Day Celebration”.  We would like to invite parents to join us on this morning until about 10:30AM.  Parents will have to the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher, drop off supplies and learn about district and school expectations and curriculum. The students will stay all day with a dismissal at 3:00PM.  Please make sure your child knows how they will be getting home at the end of the day.   Students will follow regular lunch procedures on this day by either having a hot lunch or sack lunch at school. We ask that all students eat lunch at school on this day. 

    For kindergarten students, parents will participate in conferences with their child.  Parents should have already received their conference time in the mail, if you have any questions please contact the school office at (815)899-8199.  

    This year we will be using the parent portal to announce your child’s teacher for the upcoming school year.   On August 13th after 4 p.m. you will be able to log in to parent portal and view who your child's teacher will be for the 2014-2015 school year! Having a parent portal account will allow parents/guardians to follow and track their child's attendance throughout the school year. As your child moves on to the Sycamore Middle School and Sycamore High School, you will be able to see and have access to grades, assignments, quizzes, test, attendance and other information. If you need help or don't have a computer to set up an account, please call our office after August 14th and we can help you over the phone with your child's classroom assignment.

    Lunch will be served on the first day of school since the first day is a full day.  Parents: You can complete your Free & Reduced Lunch Program Application online. Results are immediate! You will see whether or not you qualify for benefits and which category you qualify for. Please log into www.freereducedlunch.com/syc427  at anytime to see if your family qualifies. The system is user friendly and easy to complete. To make sure your children get their free/reduced lunches, please print and take your completed application to your child’s school secretary! If you need help with this system, stop in our office and our staff can help you with this process.  Students who qualify for free lunches also qualify for free breakfast. Students with lunch balances that are negative by $5.00 or more should bring a lunch from home to avoid negative balances.  This year the district will be watching lunch balances very carefully and negative balances more than $5.00 will not be allowed. Lunches are $2.60 a day and breakfast is $1.50.    Parents may go onto MySchoolBucks from the District’s Webstore and setup their student’s lunch account.  Lunch money is also accepted on a daily basis at school.  Parents then have the option to choose a low-threshold amount in which an email will be sent once their student’s lunch balance reaches that amount.  

    As the principal, I can’t wait to begin the new school year and see all of the students and their families.  At anytime feel free to contact me if you need anything or have some news to share.

    Rebecca Dahn
    (815) 899-8199 ext.  4490
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