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Sycamore Community School District 427’s mission statement, Empowering All Learners to Succeed in Their World, was the result of conversations with community members, staff and students during the District’s first strategic design in 2001. All of these stakeholders were proud of our past and our promising future. In particular, students wanted their voices heard, which is why the word “their” is emphasized in the statement. The word “learners” appears in the statement because learning is the District’s main focus.

Christian Thurwanger and Kara Poynter Holding Award
Life School Students Sheridan and John 2022
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Our Core Values

Those values that everyone in the Sycamore Learning Community will strive to model and that will be part our Ethical and Moral Foundation.

Our Visions

The Sycamore Learning Community vision is to provide an ideal learning experience where students and staff are engaged and want to come back the next day.

Our dedication to #Empowering2Succeed is achieved through our commitment to our Strategic Design.