Development and Training Completed by Board Members

All Illinois school board members must receive training in professional development leadership (P.A. 97-8) and the Open Meetings Act (P.A. 97-504). Mandatory training will also be required after the new teacher evaluation requirements are implemented in each school district. For additional information, see Board policy 2:120, Board Member Development.

The following table contains mandatory training and development activities that were completed by each Board member. When the training was provided by the Illinois Association of School Boards, the acronym “IASB” follows the listed activity.

Board MemberDevelopment and Training Activity and ProviderDate Completed *
Don ClaybergOpen Meetings Act Training – IASBFeb. 9, 2012
Jim DombekOpen Meetings Act Training – IASBFeb. 9, 2012
Steve NelsonOpen Meetings Act Training – IASBFeb. 9, 2012
Kris WrennOpen Meetings Act Training – IASBFeb. 9, 2012
Don ClaybergKishwaukee Fall Dinner Mtg TrainingSept. 27, 2012
Jim DombekKishwaukee Fall Dinner Mtg TrainingSept. 27, 2012
Eric JonesOpen Meetings Act Training – IASBMay 12, 2013
Diane TyrrellOpen Meetings Act Training – IASBDec. 14, 2014
Kris WrennSchool Board Leadership WorkshopNov. 22, 2013
Jim DombekPDLT and PERA TrainingNov. 23, 2013
Eric JonesPDLT and PERA TrainingNov. 23, 2013
Kris WrennPDLT and PERA TrainingNov. 25, 2013
Don ClaybergPERA TrainingMarch 4, 2014
Steve NelsonPERA TrainingMarch 9, 2014
Julenne DaveyPDLT and PERA TrainingJune 5, 2015
Julenne DaveyOpen Meetings Act TrainingJune 5, 2015
Diane TyrrellPDLT and PERA TrainingJune 5, 2015
Don ClaybergSB100 Training Aug. 23, 2016
Julenne DaveySB100 Training Aug. 23, 2016
Eric JonesSB100 Training Aug. 23, 2016
Steve NelsonSB100 Training Aug. 23, 2016
Diane TyrrellSB100 Training Aug. 23, 2016
Kris WrennSB100 Training Aug. 23, 2016
Jim DombekSB100 TrainingAug. 23, 2016
Julenne DaveyMandated Reporter TrainingAug. 10, 2016
Kris WrennMandated Reporter TrainingAug. 21, 2016
Steve NelsonMandated Reporter TrainingAug. 22, 2016
Jim DombekMandated Reporter TrainingSept. 27, 2016
Eric JonesMandated Reporter Training Sept. 27, 2016
Austin HoferOpen Meetings ActSept. 25, 2017
Austin HoferPDLT/PERA TrainingNov. 13, 2017

*beginning in 2012 unless otherwise noted

PDLT – Professional Development Leadership Training
PERA – Performance Evaluation Reform Act

The Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) is a voluntary organization of local boards of education dedicated to strengthening the Illinois public schools through local citizen control. Although not a part of State government, IASB is organized by member school boards as a private not-for-profit corporation under authority granted by Article 23 of the School Code. The mission of the IASB is excellence in local school governance in support of quality public education.

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