Finance & Operations

Business Office Contacts

Phone: (815) 899-8100
Fax: (815) 899-8119

Nicole Stuckert
Chief Financial Officer/Chief School Business Official

Lacey Lantz
Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer

Lori Stover
District Registrar

Dea Foster
Human Resources Benefits Specialist

Jayne Klein
Payroll Manager

Vicky Millhouse
Accounts Payable Manager

Meghann Wiles
District Accountant

Financial Advisory Committee Goals

To inform the Financial Advisory Committee of District goals and strategic design and how it aligns to the District’s budget.

  • All stakeholders understand, articulate, and support the mission.

To seek financial input for further discussion and obtain valuable information to share with the Board of Education.

  • All stakeholders desire efficient utilization of resources.

To be transparent and have open communication.

  • All stakeholders desire accountability through continuous assessment, periodic review, and renewal of vision.