Immunization Information

The State of Illinois has specific requirements for students entering school at different grade levels. Students are required to have/show proof of receiving the following immunizations:

GradeSchool PhysicalDental ExamEye ExamTetanus, Diphtheria, pertussis (DPT,DTap) SeriesMMR (2 doses)Polio SeriesVaricella (2 doses)Hepatits B Vaccine (Series of 3)Meningoc occal (MCV)TDap Vaccine

*All  student in grade 12 will need to show proof of receiving two doses unless the first dose was administered after 16 years of age. In this case, only one dose after 16 years of age is required.

The required examinations, immunization dates and forms must be turned into the school office on or prior to the first day of school. Students without the required information will be sent home from school.

School physicals and/or immunizations are available at the following locations:

You will need your child’s previous immunization dates when you call for an appointment. Your cooperation in scheduling your child’s exams will help alleviate a rush in the late summer, as well as saving the embarrassment of having your child sent home from school on the first day for being out of compliance with the state law. If you have questions about the requirements, please contact your school nurse.

Certificate of Religious Exemption

Parents or legal guardians who object on religious grounds to complete any required immunizations or examinations must complete a Certificate of Religious Exemption form, which must also be signed by the physician, advanced practice nurse or physician assistant responsible for performing the student examination. The healthcare provider signature on this new form attests to informing the parent or legal guardian of the benefits of immunization and the health risks of not vaccinating the student. Per the State Of Illinois, the certificate requires the parent or guardian signature to attest to understanding that their child may be excluded from school in the case of a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak or exposure.

Immunization Data

Review Past District Immunization School Survey Results.

  • Select “Results/Reports”
  • Then select “Immunization” and then “Immunization School Survey Results”
  • Choose the desired year

An Excel spreadsheet will provide information for all Illinois school districts. Search “Sycamore” to find the information for Sycamore Community District #427.