Diagnostic Rating Scales

Parents may request the completion of diagnostic rating scales. If a request is made, the District will complete the following steps:

  1. Parent/Guardian (and sometimes student) contact the school (including via teacher/staff/admin email, phone, in person, etc) requesting a rating scale to be completed.
  2. Parent/Guarding is referred to the building Nurse, Psychologies, or School Counselor.
  3. Building Nurse, Psychologist, or Counselor has parent/guardian complete and sign a Release of Information form.
  4. Building Nurse, Psychologist, our School Counselor distributes rating scales and assists staff with directions when necessary.
  5. Forms returned to building Nurses’s office. Once all forms are complete, the health office (possible in collaboration with Psychologist or Counselor) sen forms to the professional completing the evaluation via USPS mail (if copyright protected), fax, or email. If faxed or emailed send original mail USPS mail to provider.
  6. A copy of the release of records requests form will be kept in the student’s temp file in the Nurses Office.

Note: Sycamore Community School District 427 will not be providing parents a copy of the rating scale prior to sending to the requesting outside evaluator nor will we be keeping a copy for our records. Protocols will not be copied in violation of copyright protections.


When necessary, the team will identify further information needed to determine eligibility for special education services. This may result in the administration of diagnostics rating scales to be completed by the student, parent(s)/guardian(s), and/or staff and then interpreted by the respective related service provider. The staff member administrating these scales may be the school psychologist, social worker, speech and language pathologist, certified school nurse, OT/PT, or hearing/vision itinerant. The results of these scales will be interpreted and summarized in a report presented at the eligibility determination meeting. We will not be providing parents a copy of the diagnostic rate scale. Please note, most standardized assessment materials are protected by copyright laws.