G Suite for Education

G Suite for Education allows Sycamore Community School District 427 students and staff to store files, communicate, and collaborate on spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. G Suite for Education takes tools many of us are familiar such as those in Microsoft Office and enhances them by allowing for real time editing, collaboration, and anywhere access within it’s secure online environment.

G Suite for Education provides students with easy access to their documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and provides anytime (including over the summer), anywhere access both at home and at school. G Suite for Education works on all types of computers, and supports popular file formats. Files are always accessible and backed up online.
Here are some frequently asked questions regarding G Suite for Education:

What applications are included in G Suite for Education?

The most popular G Suite for Education applications include the following:

  • Calendar-Online calendar to help keep track of schedules.
  • Classroom-Application for creating, sharing, collaborating, and grading assignments.
  • Docs-Word processing application similar to Microsoft Word for creating, editing, and collaborating on documents. Multiple people can work on the same document.
  • Drive-This is where files are saved. This allows for the files to be accessed from any location on any device.
  • Forms-Application to create and analyze surveys.
  • Mail-Web-based email program. Often called Gmail.
  • Sheets-Application for creating spreadsheets similar to Microsoft Excel.
  • Slides-Application for creating presentations similar to Microsoft Powerpoint.

What can my student do with G Suite for Education?

G Suite for Education provides all students with on-demand access to their documents, spreadsheets, and presentations within their Google Drive. They can access their work any time and on any device. Students can collaborate with their peers and their teacher in real time, and can even turn in assignments online simply by sharing the file in Google Docs, by emailing it to the instructor or by submitting via Google Classroom if the student’s teacher utilizes that tool.

What if I don’t have a computer? How will my child be able to use G Suite for Education?

Students have many opportunities throughout the day to work with their G Suite account. Also, because G Suite for Education is safe and web-based, it can be accessed from any device — cell phones, public computers, etc. The use of G Suite for Education does not require students or families to have their own computer or any other personal device.

How will my child access District 427’s G Suite for Education?

Students will receive a login at school and will be assisted the first time they login into G Suite for Education.

Who can my child email with this account?

Student safety is our number one priority, so we have set up a “restricted environment” within G Suite for Education for our elementary and middle school students. To help protect our youngest learners, they are not allowed to send or receive email outside of the SYC427 domain, which is hosted by Google.

Sycamore High School students are allowed to send and receive emails from outside of the SYC427 domain to allow them a safe and secure way to communicate with colleges and scholarship committees.

My children already have Gmail accounts — why can’t they use their own?

Outside Gmail accounts do not provide the same level of safety that the internal account provides. Students also wouldn’t be able to use certain educational resources that are only made available to G Suite for Education accounts.

Can I see what my child is doing on G Suite for Education? Will there be a Parent View?

There is no Parent View account. Parents are encouraged to explore G Suite for Education with their children by logging in together. Your child can show you what they are currently working on in class, as well as assignments and projects that have been submitted and commented on by the teacher.

What about privacy?

Sycamore Community School DIstrict 427 is responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality of student information. We have contracted with Google to provide access to G Suite for Education to our users (students and staff) in a closed environment. G Suite for Education is governed by a detailed privacy policy and security measures that have been reviewed and approved by the District. Under our Terms of Service Agreement with Google, they are obligated to comply with FERPA regulations. In addition, all information contained or shared within the District’s G Suite for Education is subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request.

Students should keep the following things in mind when using the Sycamore Community School District 427 G Suite for Education:

  • Never share your G Suite for Education password.
  • Remember that using G Suite for Education outside of school is just like being in school. Students are responsible for following all District guidelines as described in each school’s Student Handbook as well as in the District’s Acceptable Use Policy.