SYC427 Recommends Mystery Science

Graphic with text "Mystery Science - Instructional Resource Recommendation

Sycamore Community School District 427 Administration is recommending the adoption of a new instructional resource to be used for Elementary Science at the June 25, 2019 Board of Education meeting. This resource will be on public display on the district’s website through Tuesday, June 18, 2019.

To Review the Mystery Science Curriculum, click the link below:

This recommendation is being made as a result of the current resource used in Science no longer aligns with the Illinois Learning Standards for Science. Mystery Science will provide a solid base for common instruction that aligns with state standards, builds on instruction and instructional practices that occur in grades K-8,  as well as supporting the district vision of anytime, anywhere access to learning. With the adoption of this resource, the District will have a fully aligned and articulated instructional resource in Science in grades K-8.

This notice is in accordance with Board of Education Policy 6:210 – Instructional Materials.