Key Facts

In Sycamore, we “empower all learners to succeed in their world.”

Key Facts

  • Sycamore Community School District #427 was formed in 1950.
  • It encompasses 80+ square miles.
  • K-12 enrollment is approximately 3,763. Of those, 1692 are in one of five elementary schools, 859 are in the Middle School, and 1202 are enrolled in the High School.
  • Our average ACT composite score- 22.7.
  • We have a highly qualified/balanced staff. 74.8% of teachers have a Masters degree or higher. The average teaching experience in the district is 13.2 years.
  • We have a comprehensive educational program.
  • Sycamore Community School District #427 is a member of Kishwaukee Education Consortium.


We make every effort to provide transparent communication about the school district with our stakeholders by providing them with access to school district information.

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Sycamore Community School District #427 does not employ any lobbying firms to further its interests at the federal, state, or local levels. Sycamore Community School District #427, the Board of Education, and/or administrators are currently members of these professional organizations that may or may not do lobbying:

  • IAASE-Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education
  • IASBO-Illinois Association of School Business Officials
  • ASBO International-The Association of School Business Officials International
  • ASCD-Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • IESA-Illinois Elementary School Association
  • IASA-Illinois Association of School Administrators
  • LUDA-Large Unit District Association
  • IHSA-Illinois High School Association
  • IPA-Illinois Principal Association
  • IRC-Illinois Reading Council
  • IRA-International Reading Association
  • IASB-Illinois Association of School Boards
  • NASB-National Association of School Boards
  • ISNS-Illinois School News Service
  • ISBE-Illinois State Board of Education
  • Illinois Athletic Directors Association
  • National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association
  • USA Wrestling
  • Phi Delta Kappan
  • Harvard Education
  • Education Week
  • Learning Forward
  • Kane County Curriculum Leaders
  • DuPage County Curriculum Leaders
  • DeKalb County Farm Bureau
  • Rotary
  • Sycamore Chamber of Commerce