Field House Facilities

Field House Usage Priority

The Field House will be available for use based on the following priorities:

  1. Physical Education Classes.
  2. Athletic Practices and Events.
  3. Open Running/Gym.
  4. Outside Group Rentals. (Sycamore Park District/School District Inter-Governmental Agreement)

If you are an outside group and wish to inquire about the rental of the Sycamore Field House, please call the Sycamore Athletic Office at (815) 899-8151.

Operational procedures for open running and open gym use by individuals and community group

Age Requirements

  • All individuals must be in 7th grade or older unless they are accompanied by an adult.

Memberships (Field House membership application)

  • Sycamore Community School District 427 residents and non-residents may purchase memberships that will entitle them to usage of the Field House facilities.  All individuals must have a membership card or current school ID. The ID card must be shown before entry.  The membership entitles the member use of the facility during “open time”.  Individuals will be required to sign-in and out.  Please complete a Field House membership application.
  • Students at Sycamore Middle School and Sycamore High School, as well as district faculty and staff, can use the facility during “open gym” time at no cost with their current school ID card.  School IDs will not be charged — Field House membership is included in school fees.
  • Sycamore Elementary students can purchase a Field House activity pass for $30.  This pass is valid for one year from purchase date.

Field House Usage

  • In order to use the field house, you must sign a waiver form and sign in upond visiting the field house
  • Payment of the fee must be made by the individual before using the facilities.
  • Daily fees are as follows:
    • Sycamore Community School District 427 Resident
      • Family Pass – $5
      • Adult – $4
      • Youth (17 and under) – $3
      • Senior (55 and older) – $1
      • Sycamore Middle School/Sycamore High School student with current ID – no cost
      • Sycamore School District Faculty/Staff with current ID – no cost
    • Non-Resident
      • Family Pass – $10
      • Adult – $8
      • Youth (17 and under) – $6
      • Senior (55 and older) – $2
    • RIFD Key Fob for easy check in – $5

If you have further questions regarding the usage of the Sycamore High School Field House please call the athletic office at (815) 899-8151. 

Sycamore Field House Open Running/Gym Rules

  • NO food or drinks are allowed in the Field House, other than water.
  • Users are accountable for any damage they inflict on the Field House.
  • NO dunking or hanging on the basketball nets or rims.
  • NO climbing or horsing around on any equipment stored in the Field House.
  • The Field House is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • NO loitering.
  • NO parking behind the stadium or right by the field house – please park in designated areas.
  • Must show membership card or current school ID to enter, or you will be charged a fee to use the facility.
  • All users must sign in and out when using the Field House for open gym.
  • In order to use the Field House during open gym, all individuals must be in 7th grade or older, unless accompanied by an adult.