School Breakfast Program

What is the School Breakfast Program?

The School Breakfast Program is a federally assisted meal program, just as the National School Lunch Program, created to offer healthy, balanced meals to all students. Participating school districts receive federal reimbursement and commodity food items from the USDA for every qualifying meal served.

Can anyone buy a meal?

Yes. Healthy, balanced meals are offered to all students. Eligible families may qualify for a free or reduced meal rate.

What is included in a meal?

Arbor Management’s “Meal Deal” is a complete meal offered to all students. All “Meal Deals” qualify as reimbursable meals.

A Meal Deal includes:

  1. 1-2oz Grains or Meat/Alternative
  2. 1 cup Fruit or Vegetable
  3. 1 cup Fat-Free or 1% Milk

Students must take 3 of the 4 items or servings listed above and must include at least 1⁄2 cup fruit or vegetable to qualify as a Meal Deal.

Is it healthy?

Breakfast is a great opportunity to refuel and start the day. Students who eat breakfast score higher on exams, display more creativity, are sick less often, and perform better in sports!

The USDA requires meals to follow strict nutrition guidelines to ensure students receive age-appropriate nutrition. Compared to previous years, breakfast contains only whole grain rich items, more fruit, lower fat milk, and age-appropriate portions. Changes were made to better reflect the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans to help combat childhood obesity and to offer students a higher level of nutrition.

Arbor Management takes the regulations one step further by upholding our A+ Nutrition Standards. Our nutrition team works together to develop healthy, balanced meals made with quality ingredients students love!