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Blended classes are a mixture of traditional classes (5 days/week in class) and some work that can be done out of class – such as watching videos, gathering data for experiments, and online learning opportunities. Blended learning is a combination of best practices of both face-to-face instruction and online instruction techniques. Because blended learning offers some flexibility in the schedule, this will allow for optimized times and places to learn.

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Essentially, blended learning breaks down the time constraints of the traditional school day. This flexibility in the school day enables differentiation to meet the instructional needs of each student. In addition, blended courses can allow students more flexibility and control over when and where they choose to learn and complete their assignments. Not only does this shift more of an onus on the student, it also helps to prepare students for college and time management skills they will need for the rest of their lives.

How does blended learning work?

At SHS, blended classes typically meet face-to-face as a whole class three days a week. On the remaining days, students are responsible for online work and have the class period to use as they wish. Teachers will meet with students regularly to discuss goals, learning targets and student progress. In order to have hybrid privileges (non-traditional), a student must earn a grade of at least 70% or higher (as determined by each blended teacher). For example:

  • A student who has mastered course content might complete the required work online without having to sit through class periods covering content he or she has already mastered.
  • A student who requires additional instruction can get it by visiting the teacher when the class does not meet as a whole to receive one-on-one or small group instruction.
  • If not required to attend class, a student could use the period to meet in small groups, complete work for another class, go off-campus or to rest. He or she can then complete coursework at a time that better suits his or her schedule/learning style.

Is Blended Learning for me?

Students should already possess these skills or be willing to work on these skills to be successful in a blended class.

2021-2022 Course Offerings

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Agriculture Communications and Public Speaking

The purpose of this course is to help students improve their public speaking abilities. Throughout the course, students will practice and develop various academic and real world presentations while relating them to the agriculture industry and the FFA. Students in this course will gain their speech requirement for graduation while being in an Agriculture environment that they are comfortable with.

Semesters: 1 (this course has a blended option)
Prerequisites: Hands on Skills, Introduction to Horticulture, or BSAA
Credit: 1/2

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2D Studio

2D Studio further develops the skills of drawing and painting using various techniques in a variety of media.

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Honors 2D Studio

This course is very similar to 2D Studio I and II; however, it is geared towards students that are considering AP Studio.

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Advanced 2D Studio

Advanced 2D Studio is designed for the student who is serious about art and is considering post-high school study or a career in art. 

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3D Studio Art

3D studio students will lead exploration through intermediate concepts and processes of 3D art production through various media such as paper, wheel thrown pottery, clay, wood, wire, and plaster. 

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Advanced 3D Studio

Advanced 3D Studio is designed for the student who is serious about art and is considering post-high school study or a career in art. 

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Careers in Art

Careers in Art is an exploration of professions in the working world that require creativity. Professions such as architecture, engineering, tattoo design, fibers, and curation will be explored through hands-on projects, guest speakers, and site visits in each unit of study.

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Advanced Digital Art Studio

Advanced Digital Art Studio is designed for the student who is serious about digital art, graphic design, and/or digital photography and/or is considering a career in one of these fields.

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Painting Studio

This course is designed to teach students the concepts, skills, methods, and processes necessary to explore watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting. 

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Social Media Marketing

This course provides an introduction to social media marketing. It is built around a proven social media planning model that will provide students with an immersive learning experience. 

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Creative Writing

This is a semester course designed for students who are interested in exploring various forms of creative writing: descriptive sketches, short fiction, narration, poetry, and creative non-fiction.

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Dual Credit College English

Dual College Senior English counts for both Sycamore High School and Kishwaukee College credit. While staying on SHS’s campus, students will take Kishwaukee College’s English 103 first semester and English 104 second semester of their senior year. 

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Hybrid Algebra II

Hybrid version of Algebra II. This class will meet asynchronously 80% of the time with one in-school class period each Friday.

Algebra II is a continuation of the Algebra course and extends those topics to include additional theory relating to the real number system. 

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Sports Statistics

This course will introduce students to the study of statistics through the context of sports. Topics covered will include exploratory data analysis, hypothesis testing, experimental design, and probability. 

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Bass Choir

The Bass Choir is predominately for Tenor, Baritone, and Bass singers. This ensemble will focus primarily on 2-part, 3-part, and 4-part musical selections. 

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Chamber Orchestra

The Chamber Orchestra is for advanced and experienced players. Students are selected based on a comprehensive audition process. 

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Chamber Choir

Chamber Choir is an advanced level mixed choir selected through vocal and written auditions. Students must have advanced vocal skills and mature musical understanding. 

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Concert Orchestra

The Concert Orchestra is open to all students regardless of grade, ability or experience. The curriculum focuses on reinforcing basic skills and introducing advanced technique, musical knowledge and performance styles.

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Treble Choir

The Treble Choir is a select all-female choir focusing on 3 and 4-part accompanied and a cappella literature from a variety of genres. Students must have advanced vocal skills and a solid understanding of music symbols and terms.

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Earth Science

Earth science is a course that helps promote understanding and appreciation of the value of earth science and its applications and relevance to our daily lives.       

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Environmental Science - Kishwaukee River Watershed

Watershed class is ideal for students interested in research, field biology, or environmental science. This class provides students with a unique experience blending traditional class work with research and online studies

Read More about Environmental Science - Kishwaukee River Watershed

This course is primarily designed to give students a solid foundation in physics which could be applied to their lives or prepare students for further studies in college. 

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This one semester elective class is designed as an introduction to microeconomics and macroeconomics.

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US History

US History is the study of the development of social, economic, and political institutions in the United States and includes the relationship of this country to other parts of the world during the 20th century. 

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Spanish III

This course builds upon the mastery of foundational structures and vocabulary from Spanish I and II. Students will comprehend the language through reading and listening activities as well as produce the language by speaking and writing.

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Spanish IV

This course builds upon the mastery of foundational structures and vocabulary from Spanish I through III. Students will comprehend the language through reading and listening activities as well as produce the language by speaking and writing.

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