New Staff Spotlight – Erin DeWitt

Sycamore Community School District is excited to welcome back alum, Erin DeWitt, to the family! After graduating from Sycamore High School, Erin went on to Northern Illinois University where she studied art and design education. She says her most impactful memory as a student was actually after she graduated. She remembers that her former teachers continued to keep in contact with her and support her throughout her college career, which meant so much to her.

Erin’s favorite part about the upcoming year has been organizing everything. Her hope for the first day of school is that her students will feel welcome and comfortable in her classroom. Her favorite part about Sycamore is that it is so passionate about its community members. She hopes that students in this community will be excited to go back to school and learn to love to learn! If you see her in the halls, make sure to welcome her to Sycamore High School!