New Staff Spotlight – Marion Knieling

Sycamore Community School District is excited to welcome Marion Knieling to our family! Marion attended Antioch High School and went on to further her education at Northern Illinois University. Three words that best describe her are caring, positive, and friendly.

Marion loves to spend her free time outdoors, either camping or riding her ATV. She also used to play field hockey, which led to some of her favorite memories when she was a student. She remembers her coach always taking the time to listen to her and they still stay in touch, even today.

Marion’s favorite part of getting ready for a new school year is school supply shopping! She hopes that the students in our community will thrive and be able to find a resource in Sycamore. This should be easy, seeing that she feels a strong sense of community in Sycamore, with many friendly, helpful, and welcoming faces!