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An Update on Sycamore Community School District's Strategic Plan

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An Update on Sycamore Community School District's Strategic Plan
A black background with a keyboard and notebook, with the text "Strategic Plan Update" in front next to the district logo.


Dear Sycamore Community School District 427 Community,

I would like to provide an update on our ongoing Strategic Planning process. Since November, we gathered valuable feedback from all stakeholders – parents/guardians, staff, students, and the wider community. Your voices matter greatly, and I am pleased to report that we received 513 responses to our Community Perception Survey. Your input has been crucial to the direction of our planning.

To ensure that our efforts align with the unique needs of our community, the Board of Education has enlisted the support of Dr. Gary Zabilka of Educational Leadership Solutions. Dr. Zabilka presented the survey results (Executive Summary) to the Board of Education, providing valuable insights that identified specific goal areas that will guide our future initiatives. These areas include Learning and Teaching, Operations, Instructional Technology, Communications, and Human Resources.

The District Cabinet reviewed the goal areas and drafted District Goal Statements. These statements will be presented for discussion and feedback at the upcoming board meeting on Tuesday, June 25, 2024. Your engagement in this process is essential, and I encourage you to participate in shaping the future of our district by attending the meeting or sharing your thoughts with us.

Following the completion of the District Goal Statements, we will work on the next phase – the development of a comprehensive Strategic Plan document. This document will outline our vision, goals, and strategies for the future while reflecting the priorities of our community.

Thank you for your continued support of our district, and we look forward to sharing the outcome of this important work. 

Steve Wilder

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