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Templin wins Sycamore Music Boosters Continuing College Music Scholarship

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Templin wins Sycamore Music Boosters Continuing College Music Scholarship

Since she started playing violin at seven years of age, Sycamore High School (SHS) alum Erin Templin has only grown in her passion for music. “I’ve been involved with violin since I was seven years old, and although I want to pursue a career in pharmacy, I also want to continue to be in orchestra and music,” said Templin. 

Thanks to Sycamore Music Boosters, dedicated and engaged students and alum like Templin find support for their continued pursuit of music. The Sycamore Music Boosters Continuing College Music Scholarship is awarded to SHS alumni who remain significantly involved in music in college, even if it is not their primary career goal. 

Sycamore Music Boosters scholarship committee chair Shelly Bychowski said they are always happy to support musicians. “We’re thrilled to be able to show financial support for Erin as she continues her education,” said Bychowski. 

During her freshman year at Drake University, Templin participated in the Drake Symphony Orchestra, the Drake Chamber Orchestra, and chamber ensembles for both piano/violin/cello and string sextet. After auditioning for the Drake Symphony last year, she was chosen as Principal Second Violin for the first concert of the year in October and was placed as Concertmaster of the Symphony for the December concert.

Templin now enters her second year at Drake University where she is double majoring in pharmacy and music. 

Sycamore Music Boosters awards several scholarship each year. In addition to Templin’s award, senior scholarship winners for 2022 are Mitch Edwards and Sam Crutcher. The 2022 Lundbeck Family Music Scholarship winner is Lily Rubeck.

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