Contact OSCAR

Administrative Staff

Courtney Walz
(815) 899-8123

Darcy Eggleson
Assistant Director
(815) 899-8123

The OSCAR Office is located at the District Administration Center, 245 West Exchange Street.

Building Level Site Directors

North Elementary School
Site Directors: Jelene Fahrlander and Alexa Johnson
OSCAR Phone Number:  (815) 739-6412

North Grove Elementary School
Site Directors: Marc Gorecki and Mike DiIacova
OSCAR Phone Number: (815) 761-5541

South Prairie Elementary School
Site Director: Amy Ullmark
OSCAR Phone Number:  (815) 739-6116

Southeast Elementary School
Site Director: Patricia Calligan
OSCAR Phone Number: (815) 739-6114

West Elementary School
Site Director: Angela Gordon
OSCAR Phone Number:  (815) 739-6208