What is the staff to child ratio?  

We keep a 10:1 ratio during the school year and in the summer. Your child’s safety is our main concern at OSCAR and we ensure that our staff is first aid and CPR certified.

How many days a week do I have to sign up for to enroll my child in school year OSCAR?

We ask that students sign up for at least one day a week to enroll in OSCAR.

Where are All Days held?

When school is not in session All Day OSCAR is held at Southeast Elementary, 718 South Locust Street.

Where do students go for early dismissals?

Children stay at there home school for early dismissals.

What behavior system do you use?

Each program adopts a behavior system that works for their students. Some examples are Class Dojo, Clip Chart and Penny System. Please ask your child’s Site Director at their school what system they are using.

Do you have a Parent Manual?

Yes, we do, please take a look at the Parent Handbook

Who are the staff?

We have a mix of many people working for OSCAR. All staff are background checked and trained before working with your children. There is a Site Director at each school that is in charge of the after school program and they will be your main contact for any concern. 

What do I do if I need to change my child’s schedule?

Please call our office at (815) 899-8123 and let us know of the changes.

How do I pay and when do I get my bills?

Invoices are generated every two weeks and emailed during the school year and summer session. All payments can be made online through the District’s WebStore or by mail to OSCAR, 245 W Exchange Street, Sycamore, IL 60178. If you are having any issues paying, please contact the OSCAR staff at (815) 899-8123.