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OSCAR Program Handbook

Welcome to the Sycamore School District OSCAR (Out of School Care) Program. We are pleased you have chosen OSCAR and promise you a staff committed to providing quality programming, a safe enriching environment and opportunities for students to learn and grow through age-appropriate themes and activities. In addition, the OSCAR schedule allows time for homework, snack, free time, group game, recreational activities and character development. The staff and administration have enthusiastically prepared for a great year.

Since your OSCAR experience is just around the corner, we would like to provide you with information that will allow your child to get off to a great start. The following information is designed to familiarize you with the necessary policies, procedures and program information. OSCAR helps kids grow positively, meet positive role models and learn good values, all while having fun. OSCAR not only provides memories that last a lifetime, but also assures parents their children are in good hands. If you ever feel OSCAR is not meeting your expectations, please let us know. We look forward to a great year with you and your children.