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IDEA Committee

Group of students reading and talking on a school bus

As a learning community, we believe our responsibility is to provide a safe and inclusive environment for students and staff members to appreciate and celebrate our differences. 

To support this responsibility, an Inclusive Task Force was formed in the spring of 2020. Since then, in recognition of their increasing efforts to raise awareness of issues related to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Acceptance (IDEA), the task force became the IDEA committee. 

IDEA Committee Members

The IDEA Committee comprises teachers, administrators, and a representative from the Regional Office of Education. Through continuing conversations, the committee works toward making the district a more inclusive organization. We believe that progress needs to be made with a long-term lens to ensure that what we do becomes part of our district’s identity, not just a one-time program or initiative. 

  • Sarah Frankiewicz
  • Brian Kowalski
  • Miriam Ojaghi
  • Nick Reineck
  • Claribel Robles
  • Steve Wilder

2022 Equity Audit Report

In line with the IDEA committee’s work, the district partnered with two consultants to conduct an Equity Audit in the spring of 2022. 
View the Report