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Portrait of a Spartan

The portrait of a Spartan logo in front of a darkened and blurred background.

The Portrait of a Spartan is made up of eight dispositions: responsible, confident, flexible thinkers, collaborative, empathetic, effective communicators, problem-solvers, and resilient.

Portrait of a Spartan Launch Video

A Statement on the Portrait of a Spartan

After gathering feedback from staff, students, and community members, Sycamore Community School District 427 is proud to present our Portrait of a Spartan!  

The Portrait of a Spartan is our Sycamore Graduate Profile, and it brings together our district’s core values as well as 21st-century skills to paint a picture of the dispositions we want every Spartan to embody by the time they cross the graduation stage. Opportunities to develop these dispositions will be woven into the student experience from early childhood through their senior year as we continuously work to provide a learner-centered and engaging experience for all of our students. By combining the learner dispositions of the graduate profile with rigorous academic standards, we are empowering our students to be successful in their world no matter what the next stop on their journey may be.

We are excited to continue this work and celebrate our learners, staff, and community even more through this lens. Be on the lookout for more information about our Portrait of a Spartan and celebrations of our learning community embodying its different elements!