School Fees

The Board of Education allocates resources to maintain a quality education for the students of our community. Customized learning opportunities for students are provided to our students.

In order to provide these customized learning opportunities, the Board of Education has set fees to offset the cost of providing these programs and services which students receive. It is important to balance those fees with the state of the local economy and the amount of support received by the District from the State of Illinois.

Student Registration Fees

Families are responsible for paying a student registration fee to offset the costs for consumable instructional materials for each student enrolled. The fees for the 2019-2020 school year are as follows:

  • Elementary School: $90.00
  • Middle School: $140.00
  • High School: $190.00
  • Life School: $130.00

Other School Fees

Certain courses at Sycamore High School also require the payment of a course fee to be assessed. The 2019-2020 course fees are as follows:

  • Advanced Science Classes: $30.00
  • Agriculture Classes: $40.00
  • Agriculture Academy: $40.00
  • Art Classes: $20.00 per semester class
  • Band Classes: $35.00
  • Marching Band Uniform: $12.00
  • Business Classes: 30.00
  • Choir Classes: #35.00
  • Driver’s Education: $250.00
  • Industrial Tech Classes: $30.00
  • KEC Course: $150.00
  • Orchestra Classes: $35.00
  • Spanish I, II, & IV: $30.00
  • Video Game Design Class: $50.00
  • Tech Help Desk: $40.00

Waiver of School Fees

Students will not be denied education service or academic credit due to the inability of parents/guardians to pay fees and charges. Students whose parents/guardians are unable to afford fees may request a waiver. Applications for fee waivers may be submitted by a student’s parent(s)/guardians(s) who have been charged a fee.