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Have you ever heard of a group of famous musicians or professional athletes who train every day from September through June but then take a three-month break where they don’t practice at all? Probably not, because if they did they wouldn’t be very good at their profession. The same is true for our students. Throughout the school year, our students learn new ideas and practice new skills daily. But during the summer, many students take a vacation from learning activities and practicing the skills they need to be successful. With the 2020/2021 Olympics right around the corner, there are many fun and easy ways to keep the learning going!
2020/2021 Olympics
The Olympic Museum has published a learning guide about this year’s Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. The first half of the article has amazing information about the Olympics as well as about Japan. The second half of the article provides learning activities for students of different ages. Check it out: Experiencing and Discovering the Olympic Games
Not watching the Olympics or want even more ideas? Here are some other ways to keep the learning going.
  • When your student watches television, encourage them to watch age-appropriate educational television. Ask them questions and have a conversation about what they learned.
  • For our younger readers, turn on the closed captioning feature on your TV as well as on computer games and videos. This exposes students to words and helps them link the words on the screen with the words that are being spoken. It’s a great way to build vocabulary and word recognition!
  • Read to your students every day and have them read to you, too!
  • Bake cookies to practice fractions and measuring ingredients.
  • Make homemade ice cream as a quick and delicious chemistry lesson.
  • Visit a local park and observe the different types of rocks, animals, insects, and leaves.
  • Use an outdoor thermometer to track weather, make predictions, and observe patterns.
  • Make maps of your neighborhood and places your family visits this summer.
  • Find a shady place outside and write (families and students!) Have a weekly sharing time where everyone gets to read their favorite piece of writing from that week. Need some writing ideas? Here you go!

We can’t wait to see everyone in August. Until then, go Team USA and keep that learning going, Spartans!

Kris Webster
Director of Learning and Teaching
Sycamore Community School District 427

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