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Logging in to Infinite Campus Student Portal for the First Time

Logging in to Infinite Campus Student Portal for the First Time



  1. Visit and click "Campus Student."
  2. Enter your login information and click "Log In."
  3. If prompted, be sure to set a security email for your account.
  4. If prompted, change your password to keep your account secure.

Login Information

Student portal accounts are created automatically for students starting in sixth grade. During this process, their login information follows the default format:

  • Your username is your student ID number (#####)
    • Your student ID number can be found listed on your schedule, and it is the first part of your school email address.
  • Your password is the first initial of your first name, the first initial of your last name, and your date of birth in MMDDYY format.
    • For a student named Sally Spartan born on August 14, 2007, their password would be SS081407.

Set Email

Infinite Campus requires users to set a security email that is used for resetting passwords and usernames in case they forget. 

  1. When prompted to "set email," type in your school email address.
  2. Confirm your school email address by typing it again.
  3. Type your password, then click "Save."
    • You will receive a verification email to your school email address. Be sure to open the email and click the link to verify your details.

Change Password

Infinite Campus enforces strong passwords, meaning that passwords should have a mix of letters, numbers, and characters to make them more secure. The password strength indicator will show you how strong your password is — this must indicate 100% before you may proceed.


If this is a student’s first time ever logging in to Infinite Campus Student Portal, their password has been set to the default format: the first initial of their first name, the first initial of their last name, and their birthdate in MMDDYY format. For example, our sample student Daisy Duck’s ID number is 15924. This is Daisy’s username. If Daisy was born on April 17, 2008, then Daisy’s password would be dd041708. That’s d for Daisy, d for Duck, 04 because April is the fourth month of the year, 17 because that’s the day Daisy was born, and 08 for the year 2008.

The first page a student will see after logging in for the first time is the “Set Email” page. Students should type in their school email address (with "" at the end), confirm the email address, type in their password, and then click “save.” Students will then receive an email to that email address, which they should open, and click the link to verify their email. This is an important step in setting up their account because it will allow a student to reset their password in the future, in case they forget it.

Students may also encounter the “Change Password” page. To protect a student’s account, Infinite Campus will sometimes ask them to change their password when they log in. When this happens, students will need to type in their “Old Password,” which is the password they just used to log in. Then, students will type in a “New Password.” The new password can be anything the student would like it to be, but we suggest that it contains a mix of letters, numbers, and a symbol. Students can see how strong their new password is by the password strength indicator at the bottom. The indicator needs to reach 100% before Infinite Campus will accept the new password.

Once a new password has been chosen and Infinite Campus indicates that it is 100%, students should type their new password again to verify it, and then click “Save.” Moving forward, the “New Password” is what students will use to login to Infinite Campus Student Portal.

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