Hybrid and Remote Learning Considerations

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Well Being

When students return to school, our priority will be student health and safety. Part of student health is their social and emotional well-being. Teachers will schedule SEL check-ins with their students in order to provide a safe space for your child to ask questions and share any concerns.
  • School Counselors, Social Workers, and Health Staff will connect with students who are experiencing social and emotional distress.
  • They will provide outside agency resources and social emotional learning resources to you and your family.
  • Teachers, counselors, and social workers will continue to communicate student SEL concerns to the family and their building administrator in order to keep your child safe.


The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) encourages school districts to return to traditional grading policies to the greatest extent possible. As a school district, we want to ensure that all students receive formative feedback to help them grow as learners. Grades are one tool to provide that feedback. Therefore, we will be utilizing our regular grading process for assignments and activities completed during in-class and remote learning sessions.


Daily attendance and engagement of all students is expected whether students are physically in the school building or learning remotely from home. Teachers or other school staff members will contact any families who are not in attendance or engaging in classes, whether they are in-person or remote learning. If your child is sick, please make sure to contact your child’s school as soon as possible in order to document the illness.
Students will be responsible for checking themselves in via their school’s attendance procedure.