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Remote Learning Considerations

Remote Learning Qualifications

In accordance with guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), remote learning will be offered for students who:

  • Are ineligible for the COVID-19 vaccination, and
  • Are quarantined

This guidance essentially only identifies students who are under quarantine for remote learning. Each school will identify a licensed teacher to serve as a “remote” teacher for each student that is quarantined. These “remote” teachers will work with more than one student at a time, however the number of students each remote teacher is working with will be monitored in order to maintain both a reasonable number of students and to ensure the best possible support for each student.

When a student qualifies for remote learning, the remote teacher will contact the student’s family to introduce themself, gather some initial information, and create a plan to support their student.


Regular attendance and engagement are required.  Students will be responsible for checking themselves in via their school’s attendance procedure. Additionally, students will be required to submit completed daily learning opportunities to their teacher or participate in scheduled synchronous learning opportunities which will be recorded as their attendance and engagement for the day. When a student is sick and unable to participate remotely, families will need to report the absence to the school office. The office staff will enter the absence into Infinite Campus. 


Standard grading practices and grading periods will apply to online remote learners. 


Students who are unable to attend school in person may participate in  available extracurricular activities and athletics presuming that all health and safety protocols can be followed. Some opportunities may be limited.

Special Education Services

If a  student is learning remotely, , the student’s team will develop an Individual Remote Learning Plan that outlines the services that will be provided to the student during remote learning. School teams will provide special education services remotely to the greatest extent possible, however due to the nature of online learning some services or IEP goals may not be reasonable or appropriate. 

Section 504 Services

If a student is learning remotely, the student’s team will review the 504 plan to determine which accommodations can be put in place during remote learning as some accommodations may not be reasonable or appropriate during remote learning (e.g. – sitting close to the teacher, allowing breaks, etc.). 

Evaluation for Child Find

If a child is referred for an evaluation under Section 504 or the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), assessments that require face-to-face time will be conducted in person.