Elementary Schools Hybrid Return Framework

School Day

  • School Day starts at 9:05 AM and ends at 2:00 PM
  • Remote Learning Pod from 2:15-2:30 PM (Monday-Thursday)
  • Daily morning meeting will be around 9:15 AM


  • All students and staff will wear facial coverings at all times in the building
    • No facial coverings are required outside if social distancing can be practiced
    • For students who cannot wear a mask, a desk shield will be provided.
    • If a student refused to wear a mask, we will work collaboratively with the families to fix these problems. Remote learning is an option if all other attempts at remediation are unsuccessful.
  • We will have extra masks for students who forget their masks
  • Gloves are required for staff if handling food.
  • Observe social distancing as much as possible (6 ft)
  • Student education of safety measures and best practices while at school to stop the spread
  • Visuals will be provided to support safety practices
  • Hand Hygiene
    • Wash with soap and water for 20 seconds
    • If soap and water is not available then use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
    • Hand hygiene should occur
      • When arriving to school
      • After blowing nose, coughing, sneezing
      • After restroom use
      • Before and after eating
      • Before and after recess (After lunch hand sanitizer will be used)
      • Before leaving school
  • Student’s should avoid physical contact with others (high fives, hugs, shaking hands)
  • Each of our schools has an outdoor dropbox to limit visitors and office drop box outside teacher classrooms.
  • Emergency drills will be completed by individual classrooms until further notice


  • Daily attendance will be taken for all students in all learning models
  • Perfect attendance will not be recognized or celebrated
  • Returning to grading students
    • Specials will not be graded
    • Specials teachers will enter the N/A for grades
    • Teachers will use an N/A to mark standards that we are not marking
  • Attendance personnel will request specific symptoms when reporting an absence


  • Outdoor mask breaks are encouraged
  • No field trips or community trips at this time
  • Use assigned seating
  • Arrange furniture to provide social distancing of 6 feet
  • Desks face one direction
  • May open windows if possible to increase ventilation
  • Assign materials to each student- avoid sharing materials
  • Discourage bringing in personal items from home
  • Cloth items cannot be in classrooms
  • Vinyl seat sacks can be used
  • Flexible seating is allowed
    • Students will use the same item for the entire day
    • Items will be cleaned daily
    • Social distancing will be maintained
  • Every effort will be made to keep students in their grade level bubble
  • Rest time is allowed in kindergarten with appropriate social distancing
  • No singing is allowed inside of the building

Hallways, Lockers, Drinking Fountains, Bathroom Breaks

  • The number of students in the hallway at one time will be limited (under 50 people)
  • Staff will supervise bathroom breaks to ensure social distancing and the maximum number of students are in the restroom at one time.
  • Scheduled bathroom breaks
  • Visuals are posted in the restroom to support hand hygiene
  • Use hallway markings while waiting in line (6 ft)
  • Buildings with an elevator will limit the capacity to two students with one adult at a time.
  • Lockers will be used but assignments will be structured to maximize distancing between lockers.
  • Drinking fountains (Bottle Fill Only)
    • Don’t place your bottle against the nozzle refill
    • Allow water to flow for 10 seconds before drinking
    • Utilize social distancing markings while in line
  • Snacks
    • Students will wash their hands
    • Students will sit in their desk for snack
    • Students will wash their hands after they finish snacks
    • Students will all remain seated until snack time is over.
    • Students should only have their mask off while eating snack
    • Students should not be doing other activities other than listening activity during snack time
  • Birthday Treats
    • No birthday treats at this time
    • If a family wants to send in a goodie bag for students it must sit for 72 hours before going home with others

Library Books

  • Students will wash their hands before and after use of the classroom library

Special Education

  • Continue the use of remote meetings with families
  • Provide services in the classroom as much as possible
    • In the general education classroom
    • Hallway/Outside
    • Small group space
    • Special Ed classrooms or resource room
      • 6 ft required
      • Cleaning after each group required
  • Additional supports for rooms where students can’t wear PPE
    • Faceshield and a mask
      • Eye protection strongly recommended
    • Gown
    • Gloves
  • If CPI support is needed the staff involved will initiate the support for our students. Other staff members will put on PPE quickly and take their place. Staff who initiated the CPI support will immediately sanitize and contact the nurse’s office for support.

Related Services/Reading Services/ELL Services

  • The preferred service model is listed below.
    • In the general education classroom
    • Hallway/Outside
    • Small group space
      • 6 ft required
      • Cleaning after each group required
  • Items must be sanitized between each individual use.


  • No more than 50 individuals may gather in one space
  • Food will be individually bagged and we will not use a buffet for any food items.
  • Disposable food items will be used
  • Students will all sit on a sticker that has been placed at all tables to ensure they are 6 ft apart.
  • Classes will eat in the cafeteria
  • Students will wash their hands before lunch
  • Students will use hand sanitizer after lunch


  • Students will use hand sanitizer before lunch recess
  • Students will wash their hands after recess
  • Students will not be able to play with students from other grades
  • Use of manipulative equipment will be allowed
  • Masks will not be worn when social distancing occurs, if students are playing within 6’ masks must be worn.

AM Transition Time

  • Students will enter the building using Multiple entry spots to reduce congestion.
  • Additional PPE will be available at each entry point for students who forgot their mask
  • Students will report to their assigned seats within the classroom

PM Transition Time

  • Students will exit the building using multiple exit spots and wait for pickup following proper social distancing practices.

Visitors and Volunteers

  • Nonessential visitors and volunteers will not be allowed in our buildings at this time.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available and masks will be required of any visitor to the building.
  • Visitors will be required to sign-in when they visit the building for contact tracing.