Middle School Hybrid Return Framework

Work Day

  • School Day starts at 7:50 AM and ends at 12:40 PM
  • Staff work day hours are 7:30 AM – 2:45 PM
  • Para work day hours are 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM
  • Staff lunch is 12:50 PM – 1:20 PM
  • Office hours are 1:25 PM – 1:55 PM
  • Staff will work from the building each day

Staff and Student Procedures for Health Screening

If a student expresses concerns about their health or is showing symptoms, they will be sent to the nurse’s office to be evaluated.

Staff Self-Certification Check-in

  • SMS staff have signed a self-certification form and will be responsible for monitoring their own symptoms.
  • Staff should stay home if they or anyone in their home is experiencing any symptoms of COVID19.

Social Distancing Guidelines and Procedures

  • Entering the school
    • Staff should enter the door closest to their classroom.
    • Students who do not have a completed self-cert form will not be allowed to enter the building.
    • Students will enter through doors as assigned based on how they travel to school:
      • Bus riders enter through door N2
      • Drop-offs/Walkers enter through door E5 (main entrance)
    • Students should proceed directly to their first hour classroom.
    • If necessary, we will reevaluate these options after one week to determine if we need to change or add locations in order to best try to maximize social distancing.
    • If a student arrives in your classroom that should not be there that day please send them to the office so they can be sent home.

Social Distancing in Classrooms

  • Desks will be arranged to maintain proper 6-foot social distancing.
  • Windows may be opened to increase ventilation.
  • For contact tracing purposes, students will be required to sit in their assigned seats.

Hallway Expectations

  • Visuals are placed throughout the building to encourage social distancing.
  • Students and staff will walk on the right side of the hall.
  • If a student or staff member needs to enter a room on the left side of the hallway, they will need to wait until there is a safe gap to cross traffic, then they can cross to the room.
  • Students and staff will always wear a mask while in the halls.

Passing Periods

  • Students are encouraged to move quickly between classes, while also need to maintain social distancing.
  • When possible, students are encouraged to walk and talk rather than clustering in the hall or ELA.
  • Signage will be posted to help direct traffic and provide general guidance.

Clean Up Before and After Class

  • Students are allowed to clean their desks & work spaces in all areas.

● Students can clean their own space or they could rotate – establish a routine that works best for your classroom.

● Damp desktops will be safe for students and supplies.

● One wipe should clean 3-5 desks.

● Please use wipes to clean areas (pencil sharpener, door handles, etc.)

● We know this will limit supervision in the hallways during passing periods. Any staff without a class should be present to assist with social distancing in hallways.

Lockers and Materials

  • Students will not use lockers.
  • Backpacks, coats, and other personal items will travel with students to classrooms.
  • Cell phones should remain off and be stored in backpacks.
  • Students who do not have a district-issued Chromebook will be allowed to bring in personal devices.

Face Coverings

  • Students are expected to have their masks on at all times.
  • ● Students may take their masks off outside as long as they are 6 feet apart .
  • Masks may be pulled down to take a quick drink from a water bottle or to eat during a snack break.
  • Masks must be worn by staff at all times unless they are in rooms alone with the door shut.


  • Students may use the bathroom during passing periods or during class, one at a time.
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned twice daily.
  • 6th grade:
    • Segue will use bathrooms by room 317
    • Venture will use bathrooms by room 328
    • Only one student per room to leave at a time. This will limit students to 5.
  • 7th grade: Synergy and Intrepid will use 7th grade bathrooms.
    • Synergy will use even periods and Intrepid will use odd. This will limit students to 5.
  • 8th grade: Journey and Destiny will use 8th grade bathrooms.
    • Journey will use even periods and Destiny will use odd. This will limit students to 5.

Leaving the Building

At the end of the school day, students should keep their masks on as they exit promptly to their bus or ride, and maintain social distance as best as possible.

Water Bottles

Drinking fountains have been disabled. Students will only be able to access the bottle filling stations and should bring their own water bottles.

Breakfast and Lunch

  • Breakfast will be provided by food service.
  • Lunch options will be grab & go style, available to take home at the end of the day.


  • Attendance will continue to be taken on a daily basis.
    • In-person attendance will be taken by teachers each period.
    • Remote students will still use the IC self-check process.
    • Attendance will be counted for each day (both in-person and remote)
  • Remote students should check in every period via Infinite Campus.
  • In addition to attendance, staff should continue monitoring for student
  • engagement. If you notice issues and do not get a response when you reach out, please continue to utilize the SMS Non Engagement form.

Instructional Guidelines

  • Hybrid A students will be in-person 2x per week (Monday/Wednesday).
  • Hybrid B students will be in-person 2x per week (Tuesday/Thursday).
  • ABLE students will be in-person Monday through Friday, but will not attend PE or AA classes on Fridays.
  • 4-Day students will be in-person Monday through Thursday, and will follow their schedule as normal each day.
  • Monday through Thursday, classes will all be synchronous through at least. November 30. This does not necessarily mean teachers will be “live” for and entire period.
  • Fridays are asynchronous district-wide.
  • Teachers will continue to hold office hours.
  • Live sessions may be held at the teacher’s discretion.

Student Expectations

  • Students will be expected to engage in daily learning experiences for each of their classes.
  • Students must check in through IC every period on remote days (even if asynchronous).
  • Students are students first and should prioritize learning activities, both synchronous and asynchronous.

Teacher Expectations

  • Teachers will provide learning activities for all students on a daily basis regardless of their schedule designation.
  • Teachers will provide meaningful feedback for all students on a daily basis regardless of their schedule designation.
  • Teachers should plan lessons and work with consideration for the extraordinary circumstances we are currently living in.
  • For at least the first week back, teachers will focus on establishing routines, relationships, and adjusting to life in the world of Covid-19. It really will feel like the first week of school all over again.
  • Pausing curriculum to focus on community building and SEL needs is perfectly acceptable under these circumstances!

Hybrid Schedule

7:30 – 7:50 AMSupervision, log in
7:50 – 8:18 AM1st Hour
8:23 – 8:51 AM2nd Hour
8:56 – 9:24 AM3rd Hour
9:29 – 9:57 AM4th Hour
10:02 – 10:30 AM5th Hour
10:35 – 11:03 AM6th Hour
11:08 – 11:36 AM7th Hour
11:41 AM – 12:08 PM8th Hour
12:13 – 12:40 PM9th Hour
12:50 – 1:20 PMStaff Lunch
1:25 – 1:55 PMOffice Hours
2:00 -2:45 PMPLC

Snack/Mask Break – Commons

10:02 – 10:14 AMSegue snack/Venture Homeroom
10:18 – 10:30 AMVenture snack/Segue Homeroom
10:35 – 10:47 AMDestiny snack/Journey Homeroom
10:51 – 11:03 AMJourney snack/Destiny Homeroom
11:08 – 11:20 AMIntrepid snack/Synergy Homeroom
11:24 – 11:36 AMSynergy snack/Intrepid Homeroom

Snack Break Procedures and Protocols

  • Students will enter the Commons and fill seats from the front end (near the kitchen) back.
  • Two students may sit at any circular table and 3 students may sit at each rectangular table.
  • Students should sit at the same table every day on their designated stickers.
  • Students should remain seated for the entire time.
  • Students may use the restroom, one at a time, with supervisor permission. Only the bathrooms closest to Abe Lincoln statue will be used – if they are closed due to Covid protocol, students should wait until passing period unless an emergency.
  • At the end of snack time, students should raise their hands to be allowed to throw trash away. One student at each table will use a wipe to clean their space.
  • Weather permitting, snacks may be eaten outside.
  • Team Segue will enter and exit from the 200 hallway.
  • Core teachers will supervise hallways as students depart for and arrive back from the break.