Are your school buildings left unlocked during the school day?
No, all schools are locked during the school day. Visitors will need to come to the main entrance,  and press a call button and speak to a secretary or security staff prior to being allowed into the building. The secretary or security staff may ask you for your name and the reason for your visitor prior to allowing entry into the building.

Do you have a police liaison in your school buildings?
Our District has two full-time school resource officers (SRO) that assist all buildings within the District.

How do you collaborate with your first responders?
Our District works closely with our first responders, we have a great working relationship with both police and fire. It is not uncommon to see officers and fireman in our buildings, it is important for them to get to know our staff and the layout of our buildings under nonstressful situations. The District shares our building maps, keys, and our emergency response plans with our first responders. It is key that during an emergency, first responders know how students and staff are going to respond so they can respond to the emergency and quickly provide help for us.

Collaboration is key and sharing plans with our partners are invaluable. We also conduct training and our drills with our first responders, this is a great way to provide valuable feedback as to what works and what we need to improve on.

Does the District have a Safety Team?
Yes, the District has a Safety and Security Team. The team consists of district administrators, building administrators, law enforcement, and fire personnel. The team discusses and makes decisions regarding safety and security along with updating emergency crisis plans.

How does the District address threats?
The District takes all threats seriously. Anyone who becomes aware of a threat should immediately notify the building principal. If the school is not in session and you cannot contact the building principal then contact the Sycamore Police Department. The goal of the threat assessment is to make sure that everyone is safe and that the situation is handled appropriately and effectively. The Sycamore Police Department and the District will work together on all threat assessments.