If enabled by your district, you will see a Join Groups option in your menu. Clicking this will take you to the Groups page where you may see groups that your account is automatically linked to.

Depending on what your district has enabled, there are two types of groups:

  • Groups automatically created based on your account
  • Groups created by teachers that you can join if given an access code

Automatic Groups

Automatic groups will have a    icon next to its name. Clicking the group will display the Group Teacher and the district connected to the group. Other than the Group Teacher, you won’t be able to see any of the other members of the group.

These groups are created at the district level and you will need to speak with your school if you’re a part of a group you shouldn’t be in, or if there’s a participant in your group that shouldn’t be there.

Teacher-Created Groups

Teachers can create conversation or discussion groups in which students and parents can participate. But before such participation can occur, participants must be invited and provided an access code to join the group.

Participants can join as many groups as they are invited to participate in.

Joining a Group

  1. Click on the Join Groups menu option.
  2. Click on the Join Group link at the top of the screen.
  3. In the Join Group window, enter the access code that was provided to you.
  4. Click on Join.

Leaving a Group

  1. Click on the Join Groups menu option.
  2. Click on the Leave Group link to the left of the group you wish to leave, and then confirm that you no longer want to be a part of the group in the next window.