Notification Preferences

Access your notification preferences by clicking the    icon and clicking Preferences.

  • School/District: Displays all the email addresses and phone numbers (voice and SMS text) at which you can be contacted. The icons in green indicate that you’ve given your consent to be contacted. The icons in grey indicate you’ve chosen not to be notified on that number via that message type.
    • Note: Your district will control over whether you’ll be able to edit or delete this information. You will know which phone numbers or email addresses can be deleted if they have a small X next to it. While the ability to edit or delete contact information may be limited by your school district, you can change your consent selections and preferences at any time.
  • Add more: Click this button to add more email addresses or phone numbers that aren’t already listed. If this button is not present, your district has disabled this ability.
  • My message preferences: Click each message type to view which contact email addresses and phone numbers will be contacted. You can also adjust your notification preferences for each message type here.
    • Note: The maximum number of phone numbers and email addresses you can enter into the system is controlled by your district admin.