Important: Parents and student users who require assistance, please contact your school or district.

The SchoolMessenger App allows schools and school districts to inform you about school-related emergencies, school closures, attendance, or other school-related issues.

Once you’ve created your account, we’ll automatically link the records associated with your email address. You can then:

  • View the records associated with your account – student, staff, parent records.
  • Review the last 30 days-worth of messages for all your associated records.
  • View your contact information and configure how you would like to receive notifications.

For school’s subscribing to SchoolMessenger’s SafeArrival system, parents have the ability to report planned absences, late arrivals, early departures to the school in advance.

For schools subscribing to SchoolMessenger’s Plus Data system, parents have the ability to view student grades, lunch balance data, class and bus schedules, etc.

You will find all of these messages in an easily-accessible inbox. If you are associated with students in different schools or districts, all matching records will be linked to your account. With flexible preference controls, most kinds of communication can be configured to be accessed exclusively via the SchoolMessenger App.

School Messenger and the TCPA

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (47 U.S.C. 227) is a law that was passed by the US Congress in 1991. This law places restrictions on telephone solicitations and the use of automated telephone equipment, protecting the public from receiving unwanted phone calls.

While schools enjoy exemptions from some of these restrictions, the preference configurations within the SchoolMessenger App allow you to set your consent state (“yes” or “no”) for each phone number associated with your account. With the exception of emergency calls, which cannot be exempted, any phone number whose consent state is set tp “no” will not receive calls from SchoolMessenger.