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Hope T.

Hope has been a Sycamore student since she started kindergarten at Southeast Elementary School. As an eighth-grader at Sycamore Middle School, Hope now reflects on the time she has spent in the District so far. “All of the teachers and staff are so welcoming and caring,” said Hope.
Thanks in part to the welcoming and caring atmosphere, Hope has been empowered to explore a range of interests.
Hope’s favorite subject is math, not only because she usually understands what is going on but because she feels it will be useful to her beyond the classroom. Although it is too soon for her to decide, Hope thinks nursing sounds like an interesting field to explore in the future. Perhaps that’s why science is also of interest to her.
Science teacher Mr. Adam Lang is a staff member that stands out to Hope, because “he was always willing to help with anything, and he could always put a smile on [her] face.” Of course, Hope admits, all the teachers and staff are great.
Although she will miss her time at the middle school, Hope looks forward to starting as a freshman at Sycamore High School next school year.

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