Mason D.

On any given Friday night during the school year, you would likely find Sycamore High School senior Mason in the auditorium working on a theatre production or in the SpartanTV trailer streaming a football game with his fellow crew members. Mason has taken part in a number of experiences such as these during his time at SHS, and they are one of his favorite aspects of Sycamore. “I have been able to make so many memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life,” said Mason.
Combine the range of opportunities that Sycamore offers with the respect, kindness, and positivity of our teachers and staff, and it is no surprise that Mason has enjoyed his time at Sycamore so much. “No matter what I’ve needed assistance with or who I’ve talked to, I have always been grateful to have teachers and staff members who are ready to help out with my needs and questions,” said Mason. “I have always felt I could approach anyone at Sycamore.”
In the classroom, Mason excels in the world languages department as a Spanish student. Spanish has been his favorite subject in school ever since he started learning the language, and he now hopes to become fluent in this second language. “I’ve always wanted to become bilingual,” said Mason. “Maybe even trilingual one day if I get the chance." Mason explained that through active involvement in Spanish studies, he has had the opportunity to form friendships with foreign exchange students and explore the Spanish culture.
When he graduates in the spring, Mason faces a world of possibilities. His current plans include attending DePaul University in Chicago to study either Film and Television or Communication and Media.

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