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Mrs. Majerus

Mrs. Holly Majerus currently serves as a reading specialist at Southeast Elementary School, although her background in education started in the classroom.
Majerus recalls a special memory as a first grade teacher at North Elementary School. Weeks away from having her first child, Majerus’ colleagues pitched in to relieve her of recess duties and other tasks, which allowed her extra time to get off her feet and finalize plans for being away from the classroom. In many ways, this was not unexpected — that’s just how Sycamore is.
After 25 years with the District, Majerus still attributes a strong school-family culture to Sycamore. “That genuine gesture of kindness still reminds me to this day what a caring school family we are here in Sycamore,” said Majerus.
The school-family culture extends to students, too. Majerus believes it is a privilege to follow and support students from the time they enter the District through the years as they become young adults. In the words of Majerus, “witnessing our former elementary students enjoying successes in their academics, sports, music, dance, and other pursuits as high schoolers showcases our sense of community and is so rewarding to be a part of.”
Majerus hopes students recognize that their teachers, staff, and administrators are all supporting and cheering them on from day one.

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