SchoolMessenger App – Teacher User Guide


  • SchoolMessenger and the TCPA

Creating a SchoolMessenger App Account

  • Sign Up
  • Log In
  • Log Out

When You First Sign In

  • When your email address isn’t associated with school-enabled records
    • Claim by phone

Notification Preferences


  • Plus Data


  • Group Types
    • Automatic Groups
    • Teacher-Created Groups
    • Creating a Group
    • Joining a Group
    • Leaving a Group
    • Deleting and Renaming a Group

About Messages

  • Broadcast Message

Teacher Messaging

  • Teacher accounts vs Student/Parent accounts
  • Create a Message
    • Add attachments
    • Select your message settings
    • Replies disabled
    • Delete an entire message thread or a member comment
    • Responding to a SchoolMessenger App message
    • Add an attachment to a reply