STEAM Week – Jake Rundle

National STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) day was on Sunday, November 8, 2020. In honor of this day,  the District will be highlighting Sycamore students with a passion for STEAM.


“When I was little, I would play video games and wonder how they would be created and I would think about all the little parts and how they would fit together. It was surprising that all the information that I was seeing displayed on a screen was created and stored on a computer. Words could be rendered into images and animations created simply by typing in a line or two in a program.” 

Jake Rundle discovered at an early age that he had a passion for coding and technology. Rundle’s father, who has a degree in cyber security, helped further his interest and made coding easier to understand. 

Last year, Rundle worked on one of his favorite projects thus far: a choose your own adventure story where the goal was to reach treasure at the end. “I created it using ‘if’ statements and lots of print functions.It is based off of a [Dungeons & Dragons] model called the Tomb of Horrors where your character is plundering the tomb for treasure and adventure… If you make a mistake, you have to start back at the beginning.”

During his Freshman year, Rundle discovered the class “Coding I” which furthered his interest in coding. “Coding I” takes students through the basics of coding using the coding generator Python, understanding coding languages, and studying computer infrastructures. The class is taught by Annette Keca, current department chair of the business and technology department at Sycamore High School.  

“The person who inspires me most is definitely Ms. Keca. She makes coding fun and easy to understand in her classes, and it is not just grueling memorization and the monotony of the same programs over and over again,” said Rundle. 

After high school, Rundle plans to attend college and earn a degree in either software engineering or computer science. His dream job is to code video games for numerous platforms and genres.